“No One Will Remember You Weren’t Wearing Socks”

Proverbs 27:19 “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.”

As we were backing down the driveway, and I was throwing on my seatbelt, I realized that we had forgotten the glaze for the coffee cake.  Slamming on the brakes, my husband bit his lip and asked if we needed to go back in and get it.  No, we don’t, I replied.

Even though it’s nearly the end of November, I could feel how the final ten minutes of rushing around the house and frantically pulling things together to leave had left me feeling overheated.  I unzipped my cardigan sweater and tried to relax.  That’s when I realized I had somehow completely forgotten to put on socks as I was getting dressed this morning.

I had intentionally chosen to skip putting on make-up, as we were already running late.  It was a tough decision because I like to feel “put together” when I’m going out to meet people for the first time.  But I also knew that the extra five minutes of preparation would probably mean we would be running into the office with Sophia because she’d be tardy for school, and that just wasn’t worth it.  I could live without the makeup.  But socks…  My lack of socks seemed to just underscore in my mind that I really didn’t have my act together this morning at all, and that I am totally frazzled all around the edges this morning.

As we drove to Sophia’s school, my mind was racing in overdrive.  What else did I forget?  I had rolled out of bed and hit the ground running.  Surely there was something else I had left undone.

And then I felt the small, familiar nudge of the Spirit within me say, “No one will remember that you aren’t wearing socks or makeup today.  The condition of your heart is far more important.”

The truth.  I chose to leave the frantic place in my brain and take advantage of the fact that my husband was driving and just pray for a moment.  I thanked God for interrupting my thoughts with the truth I so needed to hear in that moment.  I thanked God for my family, crazy as we were, and the coffee cake we were able to share (even without the glaze) and the car we could drive to get there.  I thanked God for the gift of our daughter, the way my husband loves us, and even that I wasn’t wearing socks.

Thankfulness changes the heart’s attitude.  Instead of focusing inward on what we are not, thankfulness moves our attention outward and on to what we are — loved, created with wonder, fully held and cared for, blessed beyond what we can even count…just because He loves us.

By the time we arrived at Sophia’s school, I was no longer the frantic person who had climbed into the car twenty minutes earlier…and that’s a beautiful thing!

Heavenly Father, I am forever grateful that You care about the condition of my heart and that You are there to help me!  Thank You for speaking the truth into my life when I need to hear it so very much, and thank You for loving me so perfectly.  Your truth changes the direction of my steps, so that I am once again walking on Your path — a path of abundant and peaceful life.  Lord, I pray You will continue to interrupt me and keep me walking by Your side!  In Jesus’ name…Amen.

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