The Light of Hope in the Darkness

There are no words to describe the pain and sadness surrounding last week’s school shooting in Connecticut.  It’s foremost on people’s minds, especially as we head straight into the Christmas season.  I’ve heard many of my “mommy friends” comment that they want to hug their kids tight and never let go — I can relate, and I am sure many of you can, too.

As we were sitting in church yesterday praying, I felt the Holy Spirit speak into my heart on this matter.  Our pastor was praying for the families and friends of all of those who’ve lost and been traumatized by the shooting.  And my mind and heart lifted up the “Why?” question to God.  (I am certain He’s been hearing that one over and over lately.)

The Lord gently reminded me that He does not send or condone acts of tragedy into our lives — it is a product of the fallen world in which we live.  And because this world can be so incredibly dark at times, ridden with violence and anger, we must turn our eyes and hearts even more so towards the manger.  For in this manger, the most precious gift in all of history was given — Jesus.

I believe the gift of Jesus makes all things in this world and life as we know it temporary.  Nothing we suffer or endure here has any lasting impression, for God will restore all things to us when we are with Him in Heaven one day.  We shall no longer suffer, mourn, be broken or even susceptible to the darkness in this life — it will be behind us and God Himself with deal with justice on our behalf.

Because of Jesus, the darkness cannot shroud us forever.

This season I am choosing to keep my eyes and heart focused on the manger.  The world needs to see the hope and love and light God has for us there.  And I truly believe that even this tragedy, God can use for His good, for nothing is beyond His reach.  For it is in the darkest night that the light of Hope shines most brightly…

Heavenly Father, thank you for the gift of your precious Son.  That You would send your child into this dark world to rescue us and bring us hope is a gift beyond compare.  I pray that every heart would be touched by your peace, which surpasses all understanding, and be overwhelmed by Your love for us.  In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

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